Thursday, October 29, 2009

Time to move on...

since coco's passing, i've been absolutely inconsolable. bad enough i was detoxing from a bipolar medicine that had adverse reactions with my brain chemistry. so sad tina + tina not on meds + dead coco = insane/suicidal tina. how's that for basic math?
well i'm on prozac again for the millionth time. and i think i'll see through this life for a bit...see what it has to offer. besides, laura is visiting on the 7th and i have to live through that at least.
i still cry everyday though. austin is a close knit town and alot of people knew coco, so i get the "how's coco?" question every other day. i have been avoiding some places like sugar mama's (best cupcakes in austin). they had pupcakes there once and the whole store loved coco.
anywho...i think i'll do a little rant first.
Why Oh Why do you pick me to do tattoo work that looks nothing like my style and preference when i specifically write on the web site hey, if my stuff is like what you're into call me! i don't display things i don't do/ don't like to do on my website. really...I DO THIS ON PURPOSE!!!

and this is what i would buy if i had like 10 thousand dollars to spend , but it had to be a purse.

and here are some happy pictures to share:

my camille rose garcia limited vinyls

picture of jeremy enigk and the fact that i just saw the sunny day real estate reunion.

hysterical picture of allan when we first hung out.

me and amalie goofing in the bathroom.

my gangstas, skittles, tin-man, and jew jew bee.


hysterical cutouts from the onion.

Good Night.


  1. aw sweetheart :( you sound so sad.being on antidepressants myself,i can totally relate with some of the feelings you can get...withdrawing is the worst:.makes everything that much worse.and my heart aches for you losing your little coco...i can only say that time is a healer (even though it's hard to see sometimes) and hopefully this sadness will pass, though obviously it won't fully, love isn't like that.i'm sure little coco wouldn't want you to be sad and upset:(
    keep your chin up darling,you're awesome and lovely and sweet.the world wouldn't be the same without you in it xxxx

  2. Sorry to hear you're in such a bad place.
    I know i'd be a wreck too if i suddenly lost my little guy.
    But remember that you still have your man and your girls and they love you.
    I really wish we were coming in January to cheer you up, i hate knowing that you're feeling this way and not being able to do anything about it.
    Feel better soon, and thanks for posting the goofy pictures of us, they make me happy!