Monday, October 5, 2009

I've gotta do this more often...

Well I think my problem is that I feel I have to have lots of pictures to accompany my blog. Amalie's blog gives me a complex with all her beautiful photos. But if this is a journal of sorts I think I should be easier on myself.

So my obsession right now is the new fall line purse from Marc Jacobs. It's called Petal to the Metal Sacha. Ilove the two gold bird harware on the front. But my only ambivalence towards this gorgeous purse is "is it too tattoo-y?" Coming from a tattoo artist and a heavily tattooed one at that, it might seem like a weird question. But I have to say that the whole Ed Hardy/Old school tattoo design craze has left a bad taste in my mouth. When Roger and I were in South Padre, we entered a beach store that had all that which is Hardy. Sunglasses, beer coozies, ashtrays, body boards....everything. I'm sick of seeing tattoo images plastered on just anything. What next? Let me guess Ed Hardy Pampers for babies and Ed Hardy Depends for senior citizens.


  1. Oh, i don't wanna give you a blog complex!!
    Quite the opposite actually.

    I think you should just posts lots of nice little rants like this one, you're very good at that!

    And i definitely get what you mean.
    It used to be fun finding clothing and accessories with tattoo inspired designs, but now that everyone is doing it (Gucci! I saw a horrible tattoo Gucci purse at the airport!) people who actually have tattoos do all they can to avoid it.
    Ever notice how almost all the people who wear Ed Hardy (and watch insert-city-ink) never actually have tattoos?

    Anyway, i don't think this particular purse is too tattoo-y.

  2. I saw that Gucci purse and it looked like vomit.