Thursday, October 8, 2009


i took her from a bunch of no good nothings. their house was filthy. they said she was perfectly healthy, except they couldn't give her the constant attention she needed cause she was so tiny. i brought her home and the very next morning she went into hypoglycemic shock. i didn't even know what that was. she stayed at the emergency animal hospital with a needle drip stuck in her neck for 3 days. i was told she was malformed because whoever bred her too small. the doctor said she will have medical problems that included not being able to walk/walk well, constant hypoglycemia, and probably seizures in the future. but she was going to be okay for now and wasn't in any kind of pain. i thanked God because i was in love from the moment i laid eyes on her.
believe it or not, she grew from being able to fit in the palm of my hand to two cupped hands. i bought her a baby playpen for the house. it was like a little room for her that was kept in the living room at all times. she was my baby. her food was stored in baby snack cups and i fed her with baby spoons. she had baby receiving blankets and a tiny bed. til she could feed herself during the night, i got up several times to make sure she ate. sometimes i went crazy with the lack of sleep and i sympathized with my fellow friends who were mothers. she went to work with me everyday and where ever i went, she went. grocery store, video store, shopping for clothes...even on two trips, one of which was a one year wedding anniversary getaway.
coco passed away in her sleep 2 days ago. i got up and called out her name in a sing-song way like i do every morning. then i go check on her. usually she stares at me with her too big for her head eyes and makes a feisty motion. this morning she did not. she was curled up in her sleeping position, her eyes open...but her body hard and cold like ice. i thought at first she wasn't feeling well and needed some honey to get her blood sugar up. i kept petting her and calling her name. but she was gone.
coco has been with me everyday since march of this year. i feel hollow and my heart hurts so much.
coco used to "bark" like a squeeky toy.
coco liked to pretend she was ferocious.
coco bit my fingers with her tiny fish-like teeth.
coco sometimes wore a little red cowboy hat.
coco napped with me and snuggled on my neck.
coco knew i was her mama.
we buried her by the birdbath wrapped in a blanket with a sprig of flowers and the photobooth pictures she and i took together at the g&s lounge.
she seemed healthy, ate well, and played well that i did not see this coming. i just think her tiny organs gave out. but her little heart will always be with me and she will always have a piece of mine.
Rest in Peace little coco-la, and say hi to roxy for me.
your mama


  1. oh no:( that is so touching and so sad.she sounds like she had a wonderful life with you though,it sounds like you two were meant to find each other xxxxxxxx