Monday, January 17, 2011

New 666 Pics!!!

So last October, I did a Day of the Dead shoot with the gals at 666.
Then we did a tattoo shop shoot with 666 in December. We usually go to Sears and do goofy pictures of some sort.
But nothing but class this time for Resurrection!
The guys look like old timey tattooed sailors. Gayla and Lisa did a stellar job.
I've done 4 shoots with them so for and if you're ever in Austin, I highly recommend getting an appointment with them!

Monday, November 15, 2010

More Japan!!!

I am really bad at this blogging thingy. I posted the last one prematurely. Okay, so here are more pictures of neato signs and stuff.

Roger bought me a "Very Vicky" Blythe doll and I went to a really cool vintage store and got an Ultraman lighter holder!

Kyoto tower, new friends and a Santa themed Love hotel!

Habusake view from top

Some beautiful food and drinks

A magic show?

Shrines and castles and temples oh my! It was like walking through a living postcard...

Nara the first capital of Japan was having their 1300 anniversary. Deer everywhere!!! They were very tame and I wanted to smuggle one home.

While in Osaka, we got tattooed by Benny. He works at Chopstick Tattoo near the Americamura area. A little over a year ago, I bought a book "Hanamichi"...had no idea it was Benny's book until I saw it at his shop. I got an amazing chrysanthemum on my chest and Roger got a really cool greywash skull. The shop had a great apprentice named Kyon (sp?). She always had coffee ready and was super helpful. Benny did fantastic work and even took us out to dinner afterwards. I'm truly grateful to have met him and make two new friends in Japan.
I also want to thank Don and Hiroko. Because of them, we had more than a tourist's view. We made friends everywhere we went and saw and did things like rock stars! Can't wait to go back!