Monday, November 15, 2010

Hello Japan!!!

It's been a dream of mine to visit Japan, and the dream came true! For nearly 2 glorious weeks, Roger and I visited Osaka, Kobe, Kyoto, Himeji, and Nara. No Tokyo this time but I really didn't mind. It was sensory overload! I think it was a wonderful time of the year to weather and trees changing color. I can sum up our trip with what would sound like a zany tale of 5 friends running amuck on the many streets of Japan where they watch fish tanks become food, practice drunken martial arts, run around shrines, castles, deer parks, cityscapes, shopping meccas, eat Okinawan food while being entertained by live traditional Okinawan music (thank you Kana-san), drink snake sake directly from the jar containing the venomous habu snake, and end the evening at a famous musicians' bar drinking with japanese zydeco enthusiasts and the great great grandson of a ninja. No seriously.
I can't possibly describe all that we did and see, but here are some pictures to share. Mind you, this isn't even a quarter of the photos we took.

Some fun signs and stuff

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